New Covid Guidelines 

upon arrival

Check in VIA TEXT

Please wait in your car until your stylist is ready for you.


An over the ear mask is required to be worn at all times during your service. If for some reason you forget yours, we will have them for purchase at the front.


Bring only essentials in with you: Keys, Phone, Wallet and  a book if wanted.  NO BIG BAGS. The less, the better.


Please wash or sanitize hands upon arrival.


Your stylist will use a touch-less thermometer to screen your temperature when you arrive.

If you are exhibiting any cold, flu or allergy symptoms at your appointment or have a temperature over 99.9 degrees, you will be rescheduled.

(If you are a high risk client, please reach out to your stylist about individual appointment availability.)

not allowed


As much as we would love to hug or shake your hand. We will be practicing contact-free greetings.



Our waiting area with coffee + tea will be closed at this time. A small bottle of water will be provided for you at the front.



Due to capacity limitations mandated by the state, no additional guests, family, children or friends will be allowed during this time.

after service


Don't worry, let us know and we will grab it for you and bag it up.


Update credit card information in your Square account for a hands-free check out or we do accept CC and make sure to sanitize the card and both the stylist and your hands. You can also  Venmo your stylist directly for payment.

We are doing our part to keep The Mane Artistry a safe place for you and our team!


The salon sanitation standards set forth by our local health officials are something that we have always abided by. However with the increasing concerns of Covid-19 we are taking extra measures to clean and sanitize our salon through out the day in order to put all of our minds at ease! All Mane stylists are Barbacide Certified and have reviewed all necessary requirements to ensure your safety.

We will only be doing by appointment only services. No walk ins!

Your stylist will provide you with a waiver and a consent form to sign prior to receiving any services that will be kept on file in salon. If you would like a copy we will be happy to make you one! The waiver is to protect The Mane Artistry Salon and its stylists from being sued if a client were to contract Covid-19. The consent form is an acknowledgment of health guidelines.

Once you have signed your waiver and consent form, your stylist will take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer and record it on the form provided. Anyone with a temperature over 99 will be asked to reschedule their appointment. 


Our stylists will take their temperature daily upon arrival to work to ensure they are healthy and able to safely service you.

There will be hand sanitizer at the front desk. All guests are required to sanitize their hands prior to services, and are welcome to wash their hands if they’d like as well.

Your stylist will also be wearing over the ear masks, and gloves when needed, during your services.


Every client will be draped with a clean black cape (this is not a new standard)


All surfaces will be disinfected between each client contact.


All tools will be sanitized between each guest.

All laundry is washed and dried at high temps to kill all bacteria and potential contaminates.


All clean and laundered items will be stored in containers with lids prior to being used on clients.


All clean combs, shears, brushes will be stored in air tight containers with lids to prevent cross contamination.


We have purchased a specialty sanitation solution created for salons that is used to disinfect and sanitize furniture, walls, floors and our entire salon space for added safety and cleanliness.

To maintain social distancing requirements in salon, we have created a shift schedule for all stylists so that there is no more than 3-4 professionals working at a time.

Stylists will not be double booking during this time to limit the amount of people in salon.

We will be offering by-appointment only. No walk ins!

Thank you for your understanding while we acclimate to this new routine and we look forward to seeing you in our new space!

The Mane Artistry Salon

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