Shadowing 1:1


For the aspiring mane artists and professional stylists! Maguy Rosen owner of The Mane Artistry Salon is offering a distinctive opportunity to participate in her customized and visually curated Shadowing Program.

This program is an in-depth, 1:1  interaction that includes a customized in-salon day where you will shadow Maguy from start to finish — experiencing the thrill and excitement of working in a successfully newly opened salon, constructively managing your time behind the chair, mastering new color styling techniques, capturing the perfect after photos and, of course, growing your social media following on Instagram.

Maguy's goal is to have you leaving feeling like a inspired mane boss, and motivated to get back behind the chair and try these tips and tricks out in the salon.


But first, please fill out form which will give us an opportunity to get some insight on who you are as a artist, and an overview of your craft. We want to ensure you are learning the techniques you are interested in. Once filled out, we will connect with you to find the best suitable day for you to come in and shadow Maguy. We look very much forward to meeting you and to help you further your career to be a mane boss artist.

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